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Miłobędzka Aleksandra, Dr.

Milobedzka Alexandra - 2
E-mail: milobeda@vscht.cz
Phone.: +420 220 445 225
Room: B 115
Fax: +420 220 444 305


  • REPARES: Research platform on antibiotic resistance spread through wastewater treatment plants, 2019-2022, H2020 Widespread.


  • 01.2018 Ph.D. defense at Department of Biology, Warsaw University, Ph.D. thesis: "Filamentous bacteria – occurrence and function in wastewater treatment plants with special
    focus on Chloroflexi"
  • 2010 – 2011 Master of engineering on Faculty of Environmental Engineering, Warsaw University of Technology, specialization ekoengineering
  • 2006 – 2010 Engineering studies of Environmental Protection at Warsaw University of Technology


  • Award for the best presentation on XX NATIONAL SEMINAR OF STUDENTS AND DOCTORS "ENVIRONMENTAL BIOTECHNOLOGY” conference in Wisła - Jarzębata 26.02-1.03.2014, Poland
  • Award for the best presentation on YOUNG SCIENTISTS TOWARDS THE CHALLENGES OF MODERN TECHNOLOGY 2014 conference in Warsaw, 22-24.09.2014, Poland
  • Award for best poster on Microbiology in industry, medicine and environmental protection conference in Łódź, 24-25.10.2015, Poland
  • 1st-degree team Rector's of Warsaw University of Technology award for organizational achievements in the academic year 2014/2015
  • 1st-degree team Rector's of Warsaw University of Technology award for scientific achievements in the academic year 2014/2015
  • One year scholarship from Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage company in Warsaw, Poland

Other areas of interest

  • 2018: Biotechnologists at Warsaw University of Life Sciences and Scientist – biotechnologist at Foundation for Research and Development of Science as part of the BIONIC consortium established to implement the project of 3D printing scaffolds using live pancreatic islets or insulin-producing cells to create a bionic pancreas.
  • 2017: Biochemist – Specialist at Curiosity Diagnostics Sp. zo. o. Working on the innovative diagnostic system for rapid identification of pathogens.


  • WSAD Summer School 2014 – two-week summer school focused in data analysis workshops and lectures lead by experts in the field of statistics
  • Real-Time PCR and Real-Time PCR II – courses at A&A Biotechnology
  • Modern techniques in fluorescence microscopy – lectures and workshops on microscopes Leica: SP8 STED 3X,TCS SP8 HyVolution, DMi8 FRAP and Stereo microscope M205 FA Introduction to data analysis – University of Warsaw.
  • training ”Application of statistics and Statistica in the development of medical research results - basic methods”
  • Hands-on course in Oxford nanopore DNA sequencing organized by DNA sense


  • Maciej Białasek, Aleksandra Miłobędzka, 2020. Revealing antimicrobial resistance in stormwater with MinION, Chemosphere, Volume 258. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chemosphere.2020.127392
  • Muszyński, A., Łebkowska, M., Tabernacka, A., Miłobędzka, A. (2012) From macro to lab-scale: Changes in bacterial community led to deterioration of EBPR in lab reactor. Central European Journal of Biology, 8(2), 130–142
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A. (2014): Identyfikacja bakterii nitkowatyc odpowiedzialnych za pienienie osadu czynnego metodą fluorescencyjnej hybrydyzacji in situ. Podstawy Biotechnologii Środowiskowej – trendy, badania, implementacje, Tom VI, 27-32
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A. (2014): The misidentification of filamentous bacteria Haliscomenobacter hydrossis and Type 0092. PhD Interdisciplinary Journal, No 1(5): 85-91 (ISBN: 978-83-60779-28-6).
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A. (2014): Bakterie nitkowate w osadzie czynnym – przegląd morfotypów, wyznaczniki morfologiczne i molekularne. Prace Naukowe Politechniki Warszawskiej. Inżynieria Środowiska, z. 68 (ISSN 1234-4338, ISBN 978-83-7814-315-4): 73-92.
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A. (2015): Population dynamics of filamentous bacteria identified in polish full-scale wastewater treatment plants with nutrients removal. Water Science & Technology Vol 71 No 5 p 675–684
  • Muszyński A., Tabernacka A., Miłobędzka A. (2015). Long-Term Dynamics of the Microbial Community in a Full-Scale Wastewater Treatment Plant. International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 100, 44-51
  • Muszyński, A., Miłobędzka, A. (2015): The effects of carbon/phosphorus ratio on polyphosphate- and glycogen-accumulating organisms in aerobic granular sludge. International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology Volume 12, Issue 9, 2015, 3053-3060
  • Muszyński A., Miłobędzka A. (2016): Bakterie nitkowate w osadzie czynnym. W: Mikroorganizmy pozytywna i negatywna rola w inżynierii środowiska”, Łebkowska M., Załęska-Radziwiłł M. (red.). Warszawa, Oficyna Wydawnicza Politechniki Warszawskiej, ISBN 978-83-7814-510-3, s.156-186.
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A. (2016): Selection of methods for activated sludge bulking control using molecular biology technique combined with respirometric tests. BioTechnologia vol. 97(2), 187-193
  • Miłobędzka A., Witeska A., Muszyński A. (2016): Factors affecting population of filamentous bacteria in wastewater treatment plants with nutrients removal. Water Science & Technology 73(4): 790-797
  • Miłobędzka A., Muszyński A (2017): Can DNA Sequencing Show Differences Between Microbial Communities in Polish and Danish Wastewater Treatment Plants? Water Science & Technology, 2017 Mar;75(5-6):1447-1454DOI: 10.2166/wst.2017.015
  • Panahi M., Banasiak Ł., Piwczynski M., Puchałka R., Kanani M.R., Oskolski A.A., Modnicki D., Miłobędzka A., Spalik K. (2018) Taxonomy of a traditional medicinal plant genus Ferula L. (Apiaceae) is confounded by incongruence between nrDNA and plastid DNA, Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society accepted
  • Nierychlo M., Miłobędzka A., Petriglieri F., McIlroy B., Nielsen P.H. and McIlroy S.J. (2018) The morphology and metabolic potential of the Chloroflexi in full-scale activated sludge wastewater treatment plants, FEMS Microbiology Ecology, DOI :10.1101/335752
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