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MSc. Petra Vachová


Thesis topic:

Processes for Electroremediation of Watered Bed Rock 


Until recently the methods (such as venting, bioremediation etc.) applied to remediate watered rock beds contaminated with products arising from anthropogenic activities proved to be often time-consuming, which, in turn, leads to an undesirable increase of financial costs. These are the main reasons why new remediation methods are researched and developed. One of the current trends lies in applications of oxidation agents (e.g. hydrogen peroxide, sodium peroxodisulphate, sodium/potassium permanganate). 

Another method researched recently consists in application of direct current or possibly its combination with oxidation agents. Its successful application may lead to an increase in decontamination velocity as well as the reduction in the amount of the oxidation agents required.


Actual samples containing chlorated hydrocarbons particularly tetrachloroethylene, are places in glass stills with electrodes. Sodium peroxodisulphate is dosed as an oxidation agent into the samples and laboratory kinetic tests are performed. Within their scope pH values, temperature and the oxidation-reduction potential are assessed. On the basis of changes in the oxidation-reduction potential it is possible to evaluate the efficiency in removing the contaminants. The tests are performed in parallel comparing combined applications of an oxidation agent and electrical current with the application of oxidation agents only. Experimental results are expected to enable the optimisation of the conditions suitable for the most effective removal of chlorated hydrocarbons.

Other area of interest

  • 2009: Roskilde university, Denmark (Erasmus programme)


  • ICT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, PhD student
  • ICT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, diploma thesis: Monitoring of rainfall water in the region of Luční hora - Strážné 
  • Technická univerzita Zvolen, FE, Department of Environmental Engineering, bachelor´s thesis: Effects of copper, cadmium and Irgarol 1051 on growth and survival of sea animal Capitella teleta sp. nov
  • Gymnázium Ľudovíta Štúra, Trenčín

Participation on teaching

  • Laboratory practice of Water technology, work: De-ironing and de-manganesing
  • Laboratory practice of Water analysis


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Prof. Ing. Václav Janda, CSc.

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