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MSc. Lucie Baumrukova


Thesis topic:

Study of microorganism biocidal resistance in technological and waste waters


The microbial resistance signifies resistance and adaptation of microorganisms to chemical interference (antimicrobial / biocidal products, antiobiotics), or physical intervention (e.g. UV radiation). Microbial resistance is widely used in biofilm environments. Biofilm provides microorganisms with protection against external influences and therefore the coexistence of organisms is a major factor in the still developing resistance. In the field of water supply engineering of energy industry (cooling water), microbiological evaluation of water quality is not carried out because it is not required by legislation. However, this is a fundamental problem in maintaining not only the quality of the processed water but also the surface of the materials in contact with water. The microorganisms present are a very common cause of technological defects associated with the formation of biofilms to which the occurrence of increasingly resistant microorganisms is associated. The elimination of biofilm from the system is difficult due to its nature and increasingly so due to the presence of resistant microorganisms. Each system is subject to a specific treatment, including the materials used, and in principle determines the species diversity of the biofilm populations. Appropriate treatment, with knowledge of species diversity and biofilm populations, can lead to elimination of technological defects. Therefore, it is important and essential to pay more attention to the issue of biofilms.


This thesis will focus on the issue of resistance of microorganisms in the field of water technology (i.e. water supply, energetics) and the related microbial resistance to the materials used. The aim will be to monitor resistant forms of microorganisms, their adaptation and eventual proliferation in relation to specific test substances (based on classical biocides, physical and physical-chemical technologies) in laboratory conditions and in operating conditions. Furthermore, the work will focus on the study of biofilms, its species representation and the identification of typically represented microorganisms that evoke the formation of biofilm, and last but not least, the resistance of selected materials in terms of potential microbial growth will be tested.


  • 2018 - present: UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, Ph.D. Student
  • 2016 – 2018: UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, diploma thesis: „Monitoring and evaluation of the demineralization tank used for the boiler feedwater“
  • 2013 – 2016: UCT Prague, FTOP, bachelor thesis: „Fytotoxicity of nanoAg particles“

Other area of interest

Popularization activity: Open days at UCT Prague and cooperation in the Chemical group of UCT Prague for high school students

Participation in teaching

  • Laboratory of hydrobiology a microbiology
  • Laboratory of water analysis



  • Čiháková, P., Říhová Ambrožová, J., Zuzáková, J., Baumruková, L. 2017: Nanočástice a jejich působení v akvatickém ekosystému. VODNÍ HOSPODÁŘSTVÍ, ročník 67, číslo 1, s. 5-11.


  • Čiháková P., Říhová Ambrožová J., Zuzáková J., Baumruková L., Hendrickx E., 2016: Ekotoxikologická studie působení nanočástic stříbra na organismy. Sbor. konf. Vodárenská biologie 2016, 3.-4.2. 2016, s. 145-150, ISBN 978-80-86832-90-6
  • Baumruková L., Skala M., Říhová Ambrožová J., Kůs P.; Monitoring a vyhodnocení mikrobiologických ukazatelů v provozu demineralizační linky na elektrárně Ledvice, Bulletin ENERGOCHEMIE 2018; Třebíč, Česká republika 18. - 19. dubna 2018, ISBN: 978-80-906841-1-9
  • Baumruková, L., Skala, M., Říhová Ambrožová, J., Kůs, P., Seydl, R., 2019: Monitoring mikrobiologického oživení v provozu demineralizační linky na elektrárně Ledvice. Sbor. konf. Vodárenská biologie 2019, Praha 6.- 7. únor 2019, s. 46 -56, ISBN 978-80-88238-12-6.
Updated: 11.10.2021 11:45, Author: Lucie Pokorná


Doc. RNDr. Jana Říhová Ambrožová, Ph.D.

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