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Visit of Jorg Drewes


In November, professor Jorg Drewes from Technical Univeristy in Munich will visit UCT Prague. On Tuesday November 22nd prof. Drewes will give a lecture at 10:00 in the classroom B III of UCT Prague. The lecture topic:

"The Role of Water Reuse for Future Water Resource Planning in Europe"


Reuse of wastewater was already in r. 2013 mentioned in the document of the European Union for water policy as a viable alternative source of water in areas with limited resources. In this context, it is often overlooked the fact that the unintentional re-use of purified waste water is already in many regions in Europe, especially in the lower reaches of the rivers where they are actually re-use for drinking purposes. Planned reuse of treated wastewater has been identified as a priority in several recent publications by the European Commission. In 2015 the company started developing minimum standards for the quality of treated wastewater for use of two types: agricultural irrigation and replenish groundwater aquifers in Europe. However, there are still significant obstacles to the rapid development and implementation of reuse of treated wastewater in Europe. Above all, there is no single regulatory framework for evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment processes of purified water and poor understanding among key stakeholders and the general public, in particular as regards the safety of reusing water. This lecture will look at how it would be possible to overcome these obstacles and what opportunities exist for broader reuse of water in Europe. Reuse of water also brings more benefits than just recycling water. Can promote resource recovery from waste water, including nutrient, energy, and other components. Water reuse offers a variety of applications. In any case, the use of reclaimed water depends on its quality, the route of exposure to the public and to resolve remaining potential risks to the environment. The lecture will be presented and illustrated with case studies from around the world and strategies while managing risk, including technological solutions.

Prof. Drewes

Professor Drewes is the head of department of "Urban Water Systems Engineering" at the Technical University in Munich. Professor Drewes is also the chairman of the expert group of the International Water Association for the recycling of waste water and, as such, is a leading those skilled in this field in the world. He participated in many major projects, water conservation and compensation of scarce fresh water, treatment of waste water in the US, Australia, Africa and Europe. Prof. Drewes works well in a group of experts to prepare technical documentation for the forthcoming recommendations of the European Union to re-use wastewater.

To lecture is intended to

All interested people from various fields of water management, representatives of state and local governments, experts from companies and research institutes as well as workers and university students are cordially invited. Take this opportunity to listen to lectures by experts world-class about this fast-growing segment of the water industry. For those interested will be dedicated sufficient time for discussion.

A brief summary of his key publications:

  • Hering JG, Waite TD, Luthy RG, Drewes JE, Sedlak DL: „A changing framework for urban water systems.Environmental Science and Technology. 2013 (in press).
  • Li D, Sharp  JO, Saikaly PE, Ali S, Alidina M, Alarawi M, Keller S, Hoppe-Jones C, Drewes JE: “Dissolved Organic Carbon Influences Microbial Community Composition and Diversity in Geographically Distinct Managed Aquifer Recharge Systems”. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2012; 78(19): 6819-6828.
  • Dahm K, Guerra K, Xu P, Drewes JE: “A Composite Geochemical Database for Coalbed Methane Produced Water Quality in the Rocky Mountain Region”. Environmental Science and Technology. 2011; 45(18): 7655-7663.
  • Dickenson ERV, Drewes JE, Sedlak DL, Wert E, Snyder SA: „Applying Surrogates and Indicators to Assess Removal Efficiency of Trace Organic Chemicals during Chemical Oxidation of Wastewater”.Environmental Science and Technology. 2009; 43(16): 6242-6247.
  • Bellona C, Drewes JE, Xu P, Amy G: “Factors affecting the rejection of organic solutes during NF/RO treatment – A literature review”. Water Research. 2004; 38(12): 2795-2809.
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