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Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering


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The Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering (DWTEE) is a part of the Faculty of Environmental Technology of the University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague. The Department provides education in Czech and English and is active in the research field related to water technology.  Currently, there are approximately 40 master students, 30 PhD. students and 24 staff members at the department. Many of the research projects run at the department are done in cooperation with companies and other research institutions. The department is involved in two International Erasmus Mundus study programmes: The International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE) and the PhD. program Enviromental technologies for contaminated solids, soils and sediments (ETeCoS3).

The Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering has 6 informal working groups covering all topics regarding water technology, chemistry, and biology: Anaerobic Technologies, Biological Wastewater Treatment, Hydrobiology and Microbiology, Physical-Chemical Wastewater Treatment, Aquatic Chemistry and Analytics, and Drinking Water Treatment. The research interests of these groups is often shared and they cooperate with each other on scientific work and education. The department cooperates with many institutions and companies from the Czech Republic as well as from other countries.

DWTEE has a long standing history of cooperation with various international professional associations. Professor Vladimir Madera, the Head of the Department at that time, was one of the founding fathers of IAWPRC, the predecessor of International Water Association (IWA). In 1988, Prof. Grau (Head of the Department after Prof. Madera) was elected IWA's Vice-President; in 1990-1994, he served as the Association's President. Members of the DWTEE are active in the following IWA specialist groups:  Anaerobic Digestion; Design, Operation and Costs of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants; Microbial Ecology; and Water Engineering (former Activated Sludge Population Dynamics). DWTEE also cooperates with the European Water Association (EWA), where Professor Jiri Wanner was President between 2005-2007.

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