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Assoc.prof. Nina Strnadová

E-mail: nina.strnadova@vscht.cz
Phone: +420 220 443 148
Room: B 110
Fax.: +420 220 444305


  • 1972 – CSc, ICT Prague
  • 1969 – MSc, ICT Prague, Faculty of fuel technology and water, specialisation Water technology
  • 1997 – now: Assoc.prof., ICT Prague
  • 1972 – 1997 researcher and lecturer, Department of Water Technology, ICT Prague


Main topics occurring in both research and pedagogical activities involve treatment possibilities of surface, ground and mine waters; assessing biological stability of drinking water in relation to various water sources; removal of metals from water by using non-traditional sorbents.

Research projects:

  • Removal of heavy metals from water using non-traditional solid sorbents. Project supported by GACR 203/03/0922, 2003a - 2005.
  • BDOC - a new parameter for assessing the biological stability of water. Project supported by GACR 203/02/0303 2002 - 2004.
  • Removal of beryllium in drinking water. Project supported by GACR 203/99/1671 1999 - 2001.
  • Combined method of ion exchange and biological denitrification. Project supported by GACR 203/95/0058, 1995 - 1997.
  • Minimizing the production of the solid phase during the chemical precipitation of heavy metals. Project supported by GACR 203/94/117, 1994 - 1996. 



  • Poláková, E., Strnadová, N., Stryjová, H., Peèenka, M. 2013. Využití biologické nitrifikace pro odstranìní amoniakálního dusíku z dùlních vod, Chemické listy, 107 (5), 373-376.
  • Nguyen Thanh D., Singh M., Strnadova N., Ulbrich P., Štìpánek F. (2010): Synthesis, characterization and study of arsenate adsorption from aqueous solution by ±- and ´- phase manganese dioxide nanoadsorbents, Journal of Solid State Chemistry, vol. 183, 2979.
  • Nguyen Thanh D., Strnadova N., Ulbrich P., Štìpánek F., Singh M. (2010): Synthesis, characterization of the alpha- MnO2 /calcined Laterite nanocomposite and study its efficiency in the removal of As(V) from the aqueous solution, Proceedings Conference Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants in Towns and Communities of the XXI Century: Technologies, Design and Operation, pp. 49, Moscow 1-4 jun.
  • Vorobiov, P., Strnadová, N., Krutko, N., Vorobiova,E., Strnadova N. (2008): Successive Adsorption of Polyacrylamide Compounds from Electrolyte Solutions on the Surface of Kaolinitic Clay Particles, Colloid Journal, (70), 148.
  • Vorobiov P.D., Strnadová N., Krutko N.P.(2007): Formation of polyelectrolyte complexes based on acryl amide co-polymers concerning clay-saline dispersions flocculation. Proceedings of XVIII. Mendeleev Congress on General and Applied Chemistry, vol 3, 1195, Moscow 23-28 September.
  • Strnadová N., Matìjková D. (2006): Odstraòování slouèenin mìdi a zinku z vod adsorpcí na hydroxidu hoøeènatém, Chemické listy 100, 803.
  • Grünwald A., Strnadová N., Šastný B., Slavíèková K., Slavíèek M., Veselý R (2006): Case Studie sof the Impact of Water Treatment on Biological Stability in Full Scale Distribution System, Proceedings of Workshop 2006, Czech Technical University in Prague.
  • Strnadová N., Matìjková D. (2005): Arsenic and nickel removal from water resources by adsorption. Acta Montanistica Slovaca, 10, 263.
  • Grünwald A., Strnadová N. (2004): Hodnocení biodegradabilních organických látek v pøírodních vodách, Vodní hospodáøství 54, 6, 182.
  • Strnadová N., Schejbal P., Nìmcová M., Hušková R. (2004): Hodnocení biologické stability vody pomocí parametru BDOC. SOVAK 13, 5, 18.
  • Strnadová N., Schejbal P., Nìmcová M., Hušková R. (2004): Biologická stabilita vody v pražské distribuèní síti. SOVAK 13, 6.
  • Strnadová N., Schejbal P., Nìmcová M., Sýkora V. (2003): An Important Parameter for WWTP Effluent Evaluation. Proceedings 9th IWA Specialized Conference on Design, Operation and Economics of Large Wastewater Treatment Plants, pp. 261, Prague 1-4 September.
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  • Treatment of water
  • Distribution Network
  • Water supply
  • Special methods in water analysis
  • The laboratory water technology
  • Water Treatment

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