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Water and environment

  • How to protect water in the environment?
  • How to deal with drought or contamination of water sources?
  • How to manage water sustainably?
If you are interested to answer all these questions, our Water and environment program is the right choice for you.

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What do you actually do with that water?

Everything that is in our power so we don´t have to deal with the question of what to do without water!

(Dr. Pavla Šmejkalová)

Water and environment is a prospective study program focused on technical care of the environment with an emphasis on hydrosphere protection. It prepares experts to solve the urgent problem of the contemporary world: water shortage.
The practical form of teaching in laboratories and in the field is significantly represented in the program. Finally, i.e. bachelor's theses work together to solve current scientific projects. Graduates have an excellent practical application already during their studies.
The study will familiarize you with the laws of water movement between the natural environment and user systems and with legislative and technological procedures for its protection. In addition to the general basics of chemistry (inorganic, organic, physical, analytical, and biochemistry), you will gain knowledge in specialized subjects focused on water and the environment (Water in the landscape, Protection of water sources, Hydrochemistry, Hydrobiology, Microbiology), i.e. about the occurrence and behavior of water in the environment, the influence of human activity on water resources, treatment of drinking and service water, wastewater treatment or biogas production.
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