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The International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering (IMETE) programme is an International Erasmus Mundus programme. It trains people to apply and develop environmental technologies, offering a wide range of optional study fields in an international environment.

Over the study programme, students move between the partner institutions. Students start at UNESCO-IHE in Delft (Netherlands). The second semester, they move to the University of Chemical Technology, Prague (Czech Republic). The third semester, they study at Ghent University (Ghent, Belgium). The fourth semester is reserved for thesis research, which is conducted at one of the partner institutions or with an associate partner.
Graduates obtain the joint degree "International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering" from UCT Prague and UGent, and the double degree "Master of Science in Environmental Science - Specialisation Environmental Technology and Engineering" from UNESCO-IHE. As soon as made legally possible by the Dutch authorities, UNESCO-IHE will also deliver the joint degree "International Master of Science in Environmental Technology and Engineering."



Ing. Jan Bartáček, PhD.

Coordinator of Imete at UCT Prague
Member of Imete Management Board

E-mail:  jan.bartacek@vscht.cz
Tel.:  +420 220 444374 
Office: B 22h


Prof. Ing. Pavel Jeníček, PhD.

Member of Imete Management Board

E-mail: pavel.jenicek@vscht.cz
Tel.:  +420 220 443155
Office: B 117


Prof. Ing. Kateřina Demnerová, PhD.

Member of Imete Educational Board

E-mail: katerina.demnerova@vscht.cz
Tel.:  +420 220 443025
Office: B 245


Ing. Jana Bartáčková, PhD.

Technical Management of Imete at UCT Prague

E-mail: jana.bartackova@vscht.cz
Office: B22h

Updated: 26.2.2016 09:37, Author: Jan Bartáček

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Important Documents

  • UCT Prague Code of Study and Examination
  • Welcome Day Presentation 2016
  • Week Schedule IMETE 2016 

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