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Atmosphere Protection Technology

Lecturers: Mgr. Rostislav Nevečeřal PhD. neveceral@chmi.cz
Full description can be found on the UGhent website.
Essential properties of atmosphere, stratification, basic terms and definitions regarding atmosphere and air protection are given. An overview is given of the history of air protection and legislation. Emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and greenhouse effects, halocarbons and stratospheric ozone protection are discussed. Preventive measures taken to reduce emissions of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides (e.g., use of fuels with low sulfur contents), as well as end-of-pipe technologies (adsorption, through-flow and regenerative methods, catalytic methods, biofilters and biowashing, dust collectors and dust separators etc.) are discussed. Finally, attention is given to air pollution by car traffic (converters and catalysts, lambdaregulation).

Materials for exercises:

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