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Why WATER studies?

WATER will always be one of the most important topics in our department - you can be sure that your education will not "go out of style".
Water technology is a booming industry, and highly educated water management professionals are needed anywhere in the world…

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  • Since the need for pure drinking water is increasing in the world, so is the need for water experts
  • Water will always be important to us water expert = job security

What will I be able to do after my studies?

By studying at the Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, you will get a high qualification and application for work in many sectors of water management. Our graduates work as wastewater and drinking water technologists in state and private companies in the Czech Republic and worldwide. Many graduates are employed in junior and senior management positions in multinational water companies, allowing them to gain international experience. Another application is state administration (companies of our river basins, ministries, etc.), research institutes (e.g. VÚV TGM), or, for example, design offices. If you decide to pursue an academic career, you can continue your studies with a doctoral degree.

It is worth knowing more about water...
...it is worth becoming the man in the water sector!

Will I be involved in projects already during my studies?

During your studies, you can participate in many research projects in the entire field of water technology: drinking water treatment, wastewater treatment, microbiology, energy production from wastewater and other materials, etc. Many members of the department are working on top research, not only within the Czech but also on international projects, which will guarantee you the opportunity to gain international experience and opportunities for professional employment abroad. We are currently dealing with a lot of interesting and actual topics and projects in our Department:

How do I become a waterman?

It's easy, you just need to pass the matriculation exam, fill out and submit an application to UCT Prague, to the Faculty of Environmental Technology, and choose the right specialization - Water and Environment during your bachelor's degree. To continue to the master's degree, choose the specialization - Water Technology.
If you would enjoy studying even after that, now is the ideal time to study for a doctorate - in Environmental Chemistry and Technology.

What are we doing with water in our Department?

"Everything that is in our power so we don´t have to deal with the question of what to do without water!!" (Dr. Pavla Šmejkalová)

Dr. Pavla Šmejkalová's words actually describe our constitutional philosophy very accurately. So let's look at it a little more in-depth... Research in the field of water management has been going on at the Department of Water Technology and Environment Engineering for almost 70 years (since 1953). What does it mean? We study the behavior of water in the landscape, we look for solutions to mitigate the effects of drought and floods, we develop modern technologies for the production of high-quality drinking water, for the reuse of so-called gray water, and also for the purification of wastewater before its return to nature using the substances contained in it. We solve the water management infrastructure of the cities of the future, monitor antibiotic resistance or Sars-CoV 2 in wastewater, and do our best to preserve natural water resources in their purest form.

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