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Environmental Microbiology

121116-Chile-Antofagasta-Algaenet meeting-UANTOF labs-30
Lecturers: Prof. Kateřina Demnerová Katerina.Demnerova@vscht.cz
(+420) 22044 3025
Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology

Dr. Ondrej Uhlik

(+420) 22044 5136

Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology
Full description can be found on the UGhent website .
The goal of this class is to give the student a comprehensive overview and sound understanding of the role of microorganisms in biogeochemical cycling, environmental processes and degradation activities. Topics discussed will include: biochemicals, catabolic and anabolic reactions, cell structure, microbial kinetics, molecular biology,
prokaryotic diversity, methods for characterizing microbial cultures in the environment and laboratory and microbial ecology. The course will also show the vast diversity of organic compounds in the environment and the clever means that microorganisms have evolved to metabolize and transform them for their own benefit. For the purposes of this class, microorganisms will be defined as prokaryotes, single cell eukaryotes,fungi. Finally the course will show the role of plants in bioremediation of xenobiotics, mechanisms of plant biotransformation pathways and principles of eliminitaning of heavy metals from the environment. Importance of natural interactions of different consortia (plant – bacteria in rhizosphere, plant-mycorrhiza) will be investigated.
For study materials, please, contact Dr. Uhlík (Ondrej.Uhlik@vscht.cz)
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