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Waste Management and Treatment

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Lecturers: Assoc. prof. Martin Kubal Martin.Kubal@vscht.cz
(+420) 22044 4168
Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology 
  Dr. Marek Šír


(+420) 22044 4077

Department of Environmental Chemistry  and technology
  Dr. Lenka Honetschlägerová


(+420) 22044 5017

Department of Environmental Chemistry and Technology 
The full description can be found on the UGhent website.
Providing skills in the field of waste collection, transport, processing, recycling or disposal, with special emphasize to solid waste – both municipal and industrial. The main aim of the course is to enlighten the state of the art in waste management and treatment technology, organizational and legislative developments and practices of handling solid wastes within the Czech Republic and Europe.
For study material, please, contact Dr. Honetschlägerová (Lenka.Hokrova@vscht.cz)
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