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Assoc.prof. Vladimír Sýkora

Sykora Vlada 1
E-mail: vladimir.sykora@vscht.cz
Phone: +420 220 443 229
Room: B S103
Fax.: +420 220 444 305


  • 1985 – CSc, ICT Prague 
  • 1981 – MSc, ICT Prague, Faculty of fuel technology and water, specialisation Water technology
  • 1976 – high school Střední průmyslová škola chemická in Prague (now Masarykova střední škola chemická)
  • 2003 – now: Assoc.prof., ICT Prague
  • 2004 – 2008 vice rector for development and construction ICT Prague 
  • 1990 – 2003 lecturer at Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, ICT Prague
  • 1986 – 1989 researcher at Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, ICT Prague


Deals with biodegradability of organic substances with respect to their structure and related evaluation of ecological suitability of various commercial products, namely various surfactants of anionactive and nonionogenic nature as well as cationactive detergents contained for instance in washing and cleaning agents. This area is closely related to cooperation with industry in developing environment friendly products. Other areas of interest include issues related to correct analytical determination of total organic substances (CHSK, TOC, BSK) and group determination of anionactive, noniogenic and cationactive detergents; adjustments of analytical methods in hydroanalysis, correct assessment of research results by applying statistical methods and proper laboratory procedures; implementing tests of biodegradability in practice.

Cooperates with a number of companies as a lecturer, advisor and expert.

Research projects:

  • Biodegradability testing of products, methods, interpretation of results and proposed limits
  • Surfactants Analytics
  • Chemical structure and biodegradability of complexing agents
  • Resistance ecologically important alkylfenylpolyethylenglykolether-surface-active substances and intermediates in the aquatic environment
  • Determination and biodegradability of substances dangerous for the environment in the hydrosphere


  • J. Stoulil, V. Nikendey, V. Sykora, K. Drabkova, J. Svadlena & P. Dvorak (2017) Anticorrosive zinc decanoate additive in acrylate varnish, Transactions of the IMF, 95:3, 173-176.
  • Kaňková, H.; Sýkora, V.; Kujalová, H.; Cypris, M. (2015) Improvements to CO2 headspace biodegradability test. Chem. Pap., 69 (2), 376-379.
  • Franta J., Wilderer P., Miksch K., Sýkora V.: Effects of operation conditions on advanced COD removal in activated sludge systém, Proc. Microorganisms in activated sludge and biofilm processes, str. 519, IAWQ, CFRP-AGHTM, Paris 1993
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V.: Jednorázový kinetický test pro stanovení biologické rozložitelnosti organických látek, Chemický prùmysl 45, 23 (1995)
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V.: Biological degradability testing. In: Environmental xenobiotics, Ed.: M. Richardson, Taylor and Francis, London 1996
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V.: Biodegradability testing of xenobiotics, In: Biodegradability Prediction, Ed: Peijnenburg,W.J., Damborský J., Kluwer Acad. Publ., Dordrecht 1996
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V.: Solving the Environmental Detergent Problem in Czech Republic, Sborník 4th World Surfactants Congres, Barcelona, 3.-7.7.1996
  • Miksch K., Wilderer P. A., Sýkora V.: Changes of the enzymatic activity in SBR's for paper industry wastewater treatment. Proc. of the International symposium environmental biotechnology - part II, Oostende, April 21. - 23.,1997
  • Sýkora V., Pitter P., Bittnerová I. Lederer T: Biodegradability of ethylenediamine-based complexing agents. Water. Res 35(8), 2010-2016 (2001).
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V.: Biodegradability of ethylenediamine-based complexing agents and related compounds. Chemosphere 44, 823-826 (2001).
  • Pitter P., Sýkora V., Schejbal P.: Význam a mìøení redox potenciálu v hydrochemii a technologii vody. Vodní hospodáøství 51, 317-318 (2001).
  • Kujalová H., Sýkora V., Pitter P.: Látky s estrogenním úèinkem ve vodách (Estrogenic substances in water). Chemické listy 101, 706-711 (2007).
  • Macharová H., Sýkora V., Kujalová H.: Problematika stanovení kationtových tenzidù s disulfinovou modøí, Sborník Hydroanalytika 2009, 87-91 (2009).
  • Matura M., Ettler V., Ježek J., Mihaljeviè M., Šebek O., Sýkora V., Klementová M.: Association of trace elements with colloidal fractions in leachates from closed and active municipal solid waste landfills. Journal of Hazardous Materials 183, 541-548 (2010).
Updated: 1.11.2023 15:17, Author: Lucie Pokorná


  • Hydrochemistry
  • Biodegradation and Ecotoxicity
  • Water analysis laboratories
  • Methods and calculations in water analysis
  • Laboratory of Water Technology
  • Special methods in water analysis
  • Pre-diploma seminar in Water Technology

UCT Prague
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