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MSc. Iva Prokešová


Thesis topic:

Biotic transformation of selected medicinal substances 


In contrast with previous years, medicaments and contrasting substances are increasingly being applied to treat various illnesses and traumatic conditions. The increasing amount of the medicaments and contrasting substances applied is not only related to growing numbers of conditions where these are necessary but also to the extending spectra of individual substances used in medicine. This directly relates to enhanced treatment possibilities of illnesses which were considered untreatable until recently. However, the growing consumption of drugs also increases the risk that the drug residues accumulate in the environment mainly in the form of excreted non-metabolized residues in sewage waters. Moreover, many of medicaments and contrasting substances do not display any visible signs of microbial degradation. 


The research aims to observe microbial degradation of the medicinal and contrasting substances. The selected substances from various anatomic-therapeutic groups will firstly be subjected to tests of ready biodegradability with the standardized methods with a mixed culture of microorganisms (ČSN ISO 10707 and ČSN ISO 14593). Afterwards, the substances that are difficult to degrade will be subjected to adaptation of activated sludge microorganisms. The adaptation rate will be observed (proportional removal of CHSK and TOC, possible changes of pH values, percentage proportion of dry matter etc.) and later, after the models will be stabilized, these substances will be tested for their potential biodegradability.


  • High school: Biskupské gymnázium J. N. Neumanna, České Budějovice, graduated in 2007
  • Language examination from German language: DSD II (Deutsches Sprachdiplom, Stufe II), 2007
  • Bachelor programme at ICT Prague, specialisation Chemistry and technology of environmental protection, Bachelor thesis defended in 2010
  • Master´s programme at ICT Prague, specialisation Water technology, diploma thesis defended in 2012 

Participation on teaching

  • Laboratory practice of water analysis
  • BSc. Lenka Petříková, supervisor of master thesis, defence in 2013 


Updated: 3.7.2015 14:18, Author: Lucie Pokorná


Doc. Ing. Vladimír Sýkora, CSc.

Year of inscription:


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