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MSc. Ivan Karpíšek

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Thesis topic:

Biotic transformation of selected pharmaceutical substances II.


Today, our society is able to resist a growing range of diseases thanks to the development of modern medicine and pharmaceutical industry. In medicine are used more than 3 thousand active substances with different therapeutic effects and every year is increasing their consumption. Nevertheless big part of these compounds and their physiologic intermediates is very stable and resistant to the biological degradation. It creates a new problem for contemporary society. Due to continuous infusion of pharmaceutical products into the environment and their limited biodegradability these compounds are widespread in the environment. These pollutants are occur in the environment in the concentrations from ng·l−1 to µg·l−1, nevertheless it could have significant effect on water ecosystem and finally on human health. Therefore are searched a path to decreasing the concentration these substances in the environment


The aim of this work will be characterization of biodegradation of selected pharmaceutical substances based on standard tests of biological degradability according to standards ČSN ISO 10707, ČSN ISO 14593 a ČSN EN ISO 9888. For substances with problematical biological degradation will be tested effect of adaptation of microorganisms on these substrates. We will take into account formation of metabolic intermediates.


  • Master’s programme at UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, graduated in 2015, diploma thesis: „Biological degradation of selected pharmaceutical substances“
  • Bachelor’s programme at UCP Prague, study program Specialization in pedagogy, graduated in 2014, bachelor thesis: „Development of self-concept“
  • Bachelor’s programme at UCP Prague, FCHT, Department of polymers, graduated 2012, bachelor thesis: „Evaluation of the quality of natural rubber“
  • High school: Masaryk Secondary School of Chemistry, graduated 2008

Participation on teaching

  • Water Analysis - Laboratory


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doc. Ing. Vladimír Sýkora, CSc.

Year of inscription:


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