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MSc. Josef Drechsler


Thesis topic:

Application of integrated technologies for treatment of surface and used water


The quality of surface water and groundwater is constantly deteriorating due to the environmental pollution. On the other hand, drinking water quality requirements are constantly increasing. In order to face this development in the future, new technologies need to be put into practice. The basic trend in drinking water treatment and wastewater treatment is the application of membrane technologies.


The principle of water treatment is a simple mechanical filtration where water under certain pressure flows through semipermeable membranes which, depending on the size of pores, capture particles of defined size - microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration and reverse osmosis. Membrane water filtration is an innovative method that allows one-way process to prepare drinking water with stable parameters that are not affected by potential fluctuations in raw water quality. It is distinguished by the high efficiency and reliability of the process.

The first major project in the Czech Republic was the installation of ultrafiltration at the Brezova water treatment plant, supplying drinking water to 110,000 inhabitants. Washing water from ultrafiltration units is used to wash sand filters here, thereby reducing the consumption of process water. Optimizing the whole process has contributed to a significant reduction in the amount of chemicals used for water treatment.

The second project was the use of membrane filtration with in-line coagulation at the Nova Ves water treatment plant. Thanks to this degree the amount of organic matter in this water is significantly reduced, the treated water is additionally hygienically safe and for most of the year it is not necessary to disinfect it further.

The latest project is the modernization of Svobodka water treatment plant. It is planned to use a new generation of polymeric membranes with in-line powdered activated carbon metering.

Other applications will focus on the use of modern technologies to reduce water consumption and the energy intensity of processes in selected industries.


  • 2016 - present: UCT Prague, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, PhD. Student
  • 2008 – 2011 UCT Prague, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, diploma thesis: “Use of different adsorbents for removing nickel and copper from water”
  • 2007 – 2012 UCT Prague, Department of Education and Human Sciences, bachelor thesis: “Drinking mode of disciples and students”
  • 2006 – 2009 UCT Prague, Faculty of Environmental Technology, Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering, bachelor thesis: “Utilization of physico-chemical oxidation processes in wastewater treatment“

Participation on teaching

  • Laboratory Course in Water Technology
  • Laboratory Course in Water Analysis


  • J. Drechsler, J. Semerád, K. Fialová, M. Prokopová, T. Cajthaml, M. Pivokonský, V. Janda: Výskyt a odstraňování per- a polyfluorovaných organických látek při úpravě pitné vody. Chem. Listy 115, 291−294 (2021).
  • Drechsler, Application of enhanced coagulation in DWTP Nova Ves, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Paris, 20 – 24. 3. 2018
  • Drechsler, 10 – 14. 10. 2017 Using of Powdered activated carbon with UF combination in DWTP Svobodka, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Casablanca, 10 – 14. 10. 2017
  • Drechsler, First full scale UF system in Czech Republic, First experiences and optimization, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Karlovy Vary, 5 - 7. 10. 2016
  • Frček, J. Drechsler, REX on corrosion control in Czech Republic: Use of corrosion inhibitors and operational practices, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Karlovy Vary, 5 - 7. 10. 2016
  • Drechsler, First UF unit in Czech Republic: Startup feedback, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Paris, 17 - 18. 4. 2016
  • Drechsler, New membrane installation at DWTP Březová in Czech Republic, in: Technical Committee SUEZ Environnement, Paris, 3 - 4. 4. 2014
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doc. Ing. Nina Strnadová, CSc.

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