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MSc. Markéta Andreides

Andreides Markéta 2

Thesis topic:

Optimisation of microaeration for H2S removal from biogas


Nowadays, the requires for biogas quality are still getting higher, which relates to hydrogen sulfide removal (H2S). H2S is a poisonous gas producing during anaerobic treatment of sulfate rich wastewater and can cause problems during biogas reuse in cogeneration unit. The cheap and easy method for H2S removal is microaeration. The dosing of small amount of air into the anaerobic fermenter supports growth of sulfide oxidizing bacteria (SOB), which are presented in the biofilm covering headspace of fermenter and oxidize H2S to harmless elemental sulfur. In intermittent mixing processes, the concentration of H2S is not stable and the reliable control of microaeration is not possible. The good understanding of the biochemical processes is limiting for the optimization of the process in these types of systems.


The aim of this PhD topic is describing of biochemical processes in detail, as well as factors influencing microaeration. To obtain experimental data, two laboratory bioreactors with exact geometry parameters are operated. The goal is to determine the influence of the headspace area, surface area, mixing intensity a description of bacterial culture in biofilm. Due to complexity of biological system, comparison of experimental data with developed mathematical model for description of each process.

Other area of interest


  • 2019 - now: UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, PhD candidate
  • 2017 – 2019 UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, master thesis: ”Effect of headspace geometry on H2S removal from biogas in microaerated digester
  • 2014 – 2017 UCT Prague, FTOP, bachelor thesis: ”Anaerobic sewage treatment in anaerobic membrane bioreactor“

Participation on teaching

  • Laboratory Course in Water Technology (UCT Prague)
  • Laboratory Course in Water Analysis (UCT Prague)



  • Chlumecká M., Pokorná-Krayzelová L., Bartáček J.; Effect of headspace geometry on H2S removal from biogas in microaerated digester, Voda 2019; Poděbrady, Czech Republic 18 .- 20. September 2019; pages of fulltext: 8


  • Andreides M, Pokorná-Krayzelová L, Říhová Ambrožová J, Volcke EIP, Bartáček J. Key parameters influencing hydrogen sulfide removal in microaerobic sequencing batch reactor. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 2021;168.
Updated: 17.2.2021 21:40, Author: Lucie Pokorná


Assoc. prof., Ing. Jan Bartáček, PhD.

Year of inscription:


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