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MSc. Tamara Pacholská

Fotka_Tamara Pacholská

Thesis topic:

Elimination of micropolutants entering in drinking water


In agricultural areas, pesticide concentrations seriously endanger surface and underground resources used for drinking water production and negatively affect non-target organisms and the overall ecological status. The current increased application of pesticides is also forced as a result of the cultivation of technical crops used for the production of biofuels, which causes a wide contamination of the whole territory of the Czech Republic.


Conventional water technology is not effective in removing these micro-pollutants. Recently, advanced oxidation processes in combination with granular activated carbon (GAU) sorption have been shown to be useful for their removal. Indeed, current knowledge of these methods suggests that oxidation leads to the breakdown of pesticide substances into smaller fragments, which are subsequently removed from the water by sorption to GAU with a higher efficiency than the sorption stage itself.


  • 2019 - present: UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, PhD. Student
  • 2017 – 2019 UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, diploma thesis: Advanced oxidation processes for the removal of pesticides from drinking water.
  • 2013 – 2017 STU Bratislava, FCHPT, bachelor thesis: Biofilms and food safety

Participation on teaching

  • Laboratory Course in Water Technology (UCT Prague)
  • Laboratory Course in Water Analysis (UCT Prague)


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Dr. Ing. Pavla Šmejkalová

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