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MSc. Plutová Beáta


Thesis topic:

Advanced physico-chemical wastewater treatment technologies for water footprint reduction in selected industries


The growing demands of modern society on the quantity and quality of water, combined with the declining availability of water resources, make water reuse, and recirculation increasingly relevant. This problem is also involved in the industry, which is a major consumer of water in developed countries, including the Czech Republic, as well as a producer of wastewater. In the future, water could become a factor that will limit the development and reduce the competitiveness of Czech industrial companies.


In this Ph.D. topic, we will determine the potential of modern treatment technologies based on physicochemical processes (eg. advanced oxidation processes or membrane separations) to save water and minimize wastewater pollution in selected industries. The main tool for this determination will be the water footprint. Based on the available data on water abstraction and wastewater discharge in the Czech Republic, key important polluting industrial sectors will be identified. The water footprint of the existing wastewater treatment technology will be assessed and compared to its change that would be caused by the modernization of the technology, using appropriate physicochemical processes.


  • 2020 - present: UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, PhD. Student
  • 2018 – 2020 UCT Prague, FTOP, Department of Water technology and environmental engineering, diploma thesis: „Electrochemical urine stabilization combined with rainwater disinfection “.
  • 2015 – 2018 UCT Prague, FTOP, bachelor thesis: “N2O production in sulfide-inhibited denitrification: effect of pH, temperature and H2S concentration “.
  • 19. 9. 2018 – 2. 2. 2019 Erasmus +, one semester of studying in Belgium, Universiteit Gent
  • 5. 2. 2020 – 22. 5. 2020 Erasmus +, master thesis in Belgium, Universiteit Gent

Another area of interest

  • Project TAČR SS02030027 Water systems and water management in ČR in conditions of climate change
  • Popularization of water: Lector of  H2ospodař! progamme. More at: www.h2ospodar.cz
  • Veolia Summer School in France (Jouy-le-Moutier) – Creating Solution for Smart cities
  • DAAD Go East Summer School in Kyrgyz Republic (Kyrgyz State University) – „Hydropower stations as a renewable and most important sources of energy in Kyrgyzstan“.

Participation in teaching

  • Laboratory Course in Water Analysis (UCT Prague)



  • Kouba V., Cao Thanh H.N., Plutová B., Paulů A., Šátková B., Vejmelková D., Dolejš P., Hejnic, J., Jeníček, P., Bartáček, J. 2019. Nitritace v hlavním proudu splaškové odpadní vody po anaerobním předčištění: poloprovozní zkušenosti. Vodní Hospodářství, (vh2/2019).


  • Kouba, V., Thanh, H., Plutová, B., Paulů, A., Šátková, B., Vejmelková, D., Dolejš, P., Hejnic, J., Jeníček, P., Bartáček, J. 2019. Partial nitritation of anaerobically pre-treated sewage: pilot-scale experiences. in: AD16. Delft, The Netherlands.
Updated: 3.11.2020 15:39, Author: Lucie Pokorná


Prof. Ing. Pavel Jeníček, CSc.

Year of inscription:


+420 220 445 225

B 22d


UCT Prague
Technická 5
166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice
IČO: 60461373 / VAT: CZ60461373

Czech Post certified digital mail code: sp4j9ch

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