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Prof. Pavel Jeníček

E-mail: pavel.jenicek@vscht.cz
Phone.: +420 220 443 155
Room: B 117
Fax.: +420 220 444305
Web: http://web.vscht.cz/jenicekp



  • Head of the Department of Water Technology and Environmental Engineering
  • Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Technology
  • International Water Association - Anaerobic Digestion Specialist Group - member of Management Committee
  • International Water Association - Sludge Management Spec. Group - member of Management Committee



Anaerobic wastewater treatment, biogas treatment, anaerobic digestion of sludge, minimisation of sludge production, biological nutrient removal and recovery, combination of anaerobic and aerobic biological processes especially with use of microaerobic conditions for biogas desulphurization and anaerobic digestion process improvement.

Research projects:

  • Use of biomembrane for biochemical removal of H2S from biogas. (TA03021314) Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. 2013-2015.
  • Study of chemical and biological processes for environmental protection. (MSM 6046137308) 2007-2013
  • Reduction, modification and valorization of sludge. (FP6-018525). Poskytovatel: European Comission. (Universitat Rovira i Virgili Tarragona, ICT Prague, TU Berlin, UA Barcelona, University of Glamorgan, Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine London, University of Nantes, TU Lodz, and others). 2006 – 2009.
  • Nitritation a denitritation as a tool to rationalization of biological nitrogen removal at wastewater treatment. (104/03/0408) Czech Grant Agency. 2003-2005.
  • Use of irradiation technology in sludge management. (104/00/0867) Czech Grant Agency. 2000-2002.
  • Combined organic pollution and nutrients removal by anaerobic-aerobic wastewater treatment. (104/96/0449) Czech Grant Agency. 1996-1998.  

Important publications:

  • Karmann, C., Mágrová, A., Jeníček, P., Bartáček, J. and Kouba, V.  2023.  Advances in nitrogen removal and recovery technologies from reject water: economic and environmental perspectives. Bioresour. Technol. accepted
  • Iryna Lanko, Jakub Hejnic, Jana Říhová-Ambrožová, Ivet Ferrer, Pavel Jenicek (2021). "Digested Sludge Quality in Mesophilic, Thermophilic, and Temperature-Phased Anaerobic Digestion Systems." Water 13(20): 2839.
  • E. Ortiz-Ardila, B. Diez,  C. Celis, P. Jenicek and R. Labatut: Microaerobic conditions in anaerobic sludge promote changes in bacterial composition favoring biodegradation of polymeric siloxanes, Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts, 2021, DOI: 10.1039/D1EM00143D
  • Lanko, I., Flores, L., Garfí, M., Todt, V., Posada, J. A., Jenicek, P., & Ferrer, I. (2020). Life cycle assessment of the mesophilic, thermophilic, and temperature-phased anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge. Water12(11), 3140.
  • Vojtiskova, M., Satkova, B., Bindzar, J., Jenicek, P. (2019): Simple improvement of digested sludge quality: is post-aeration the key? Water Science and Technology https://doi.org/10.2166/wst.2019.409
  • Dolejš, P., Varga, Z., Luza, B., Pícha, A., Jeníček, P., Bartáček. J. (2019). "Maximizing energy recovery from wastewater via bioflocculation-enhanced primary treatment: A pilot-scale study." Environmental Technology: 1-30.
  • Pokorna-Krayzelova L., Bartacek J., Theuri S.N., Segura Gonzales C.A., Prochazka J., Volcke E.I.P., Jenicek P. 2018: Microaeration through a biomembrane for biogas desulfurization: lab-scale and pilot-scale experiences. Environmental Science: Water Research & Technology. DOI: 10.1039/c8ew00232k
  • P. Jeníček, J. Horejš, L. Pokorná-Krayzelová, J. Bindzar, J. Bartáček. Simple biogas desulfurization by microaeration – Full scale experience. Anaerobe (In Press, Accepted Manuscript). DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.anaerobe.2017.01.002
  • Krayzelova, L., Bartacek, J., Díaz, I., Jeison, D., Volcke, E.I.P., Jenicek, P. (2015). "Microaeration for hydrogen sulfide removal during anaerobic treatment: a review." Reviews in Environmental Science and Bio/Technology 14(4): 703-725.
  • Jenicek, P., Celis, C.A., Krayzelova, L., Anferova N., Pokorna, D. (2014) Improving products of anaerobic sludge digestion by microaeration. Water Science & Technology, 69 (4) 803-809.
  • Jenicek, P., Kutil, J., Benes, O., Todt, V., Zabranska, J., Dohanyos, M., 2013. Energy self-sufficient sewage wastewater treatment plants: is optimized anaerobic sludge digestion the key?. Water Science & Technology, 68 (8) 1739-1744.
  • Jenicek, P., Celis, C., Picha, A., Pokorna, D., 2013. Influence of Raw Sludge Quality on the Efficiency of Microaerobic Sulfide Removal during Anaerobic Digestion of Sewage Sludge; Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 10 (1), 11-16.
  • Jenicek P., Bartacek J., Kutil J., Zabranska J., Dohanyos M., 2012. Potentials and limits of anaerobic digestion of sewage sludge: Energy self-sufficient municipal wastewater treatment plant? Water Science and Technology, 66 (6) 1277-1281
  • Jenicek P., Celis, C.A., Koubova, J., Pokorna, D., 2011. Comparison of microbial activity in anaerobic and microaerobic digesters. Water Science and Technology 63, 2244-2249.
  • Jenicek, P., Celis, C.A., Koubova, J., Ruzickova, I., 2011. Change of the digested sludge quality at microaerobic digestion. Journal of Residuals Science & Technology 8, 39-44.
  • Jenicek, P., Koubova, J., Bindzar, J., Zabranska, J., 2010. Advantages of anaerobic digestion of sludge in microaerobic conditions. Water Science and Technology 62, 427-434.
  • Nabarlatz, D., Vondrysova, J., Jenicek, P., Stuber, F., Font, J., Fortuny, A., Fabregat, A., Bengoa, C., 2010. Hydrolytic enzymes in activated sludge: Extraction of protease and lipase by stirring and ultrasonication. Ultrasonics Sonochemistry 17, 923-931.
  • Pokorna, E., Postelmans, N., Jenicek, P., Schreurs, S., Carleer, R., Yperman, J., 2009. Study of bio-oils and solids from flash pyrolysis of sewage sludges. Fuel 88, 1344-1350.
  • Angelidaki, I., Alves, M., Bolzonella, D., Borzacconi, L., Campos, J.L., Guwy, A.J., Kalyuzhnyi, S., Jenicek, P., van Lier, J.B., 2009. Defining the biomethane potential (BMP) of solid organic wastes and energy crops: a proposed protocol for batch assays. Water Science and Technology 59, 927-934.
  • Jenicek, P., Keclik, F., Maca, J., Bindzar, J., 2008. Use of microaerobic conditions for the improvement of anaerobic digestion of solid wastes. Water Science and Technology 58, 1491-1496.
  • Zabranska, J., Dohanyos, M., Jenicek, P., Kutil, J., 2006. Disintegration of excess activated sludge - evaluation and experience of full-scale applications. Water Science and Technology 53, 229-236.
  • Dohanyos, M., Zabranska, J., Kutil, J., Jenicek, P., 2004. Improvement of anaerobic digestion of sludge. Water Science and Technology 49, 89-96.
  • Jenicek, P., Svehla, P., Zabranska, J., Dohanyos, M., 2004. Factors affecting nitrogen removal by nitritation/denitritation. Water Science and Technology 49, 73-79.
  • Cuba, V., Pospisil, M., Mucka, V., Jenicek, P., Silber, R., Dohanyos, M., Zabranska, J., 2003. Impact of accelerated electrons on activating process and foaming potential of sludge. Radiation Physics and Chemistry 67, 545-548.
  • Jenicek, P., Zabranska, J., Dohanyos, M., 2002. Adaptation of the methanogenic granules to denitrification in anaerobic-anoxic USSB reactor. Water Science and Technology 45, 335-340.
  • Zabranska, J., Dohanyos, M., Jenicek, P., Kutil, J., 2000. Thermophilic process and enhancement of excess activated sludge degradability - two ways of intensification of sludge treatment in the Prague central wastewater treatment plant. Water Science and Technology 41, 265-272.
  • Zabranska, J., Stepova, J., Wachtl, R., Jenicek, P., Dohanyos, M., 2000. The activity of anaerobic biomass in thermophilic and mesophilic digesters at different loading rates. Water Science and Technology 42, 49-56.
  • Jenicek, P., Dohanyos, M., Zabranska, J., 1999. Combined anaerobic treatment of wastewaters and sludges. Water Science and Technology 40, 85-91.
  • Dohanyos, M., Zabranska, J., Jenicek, P., 1997. Enhancement of sludge anaerobic digestion by using of a special thickening centrifuge. Water Science and Technology 36, 145-153.
  • Sorm, R., Bortone, G., Saltarelli, R., Jenicek, P., Wanner, J., Tilche, A., 1996. Phosphate uptake under anoxic conditions and fixed-film nitrification in nutrient removal activated sludge system. Water Research 30, 1573-1584.
  • Florencio, L., Jenicek, P., Field, J.A., Lettinga, G., 1993. Effect of cobalt on the anaerobic degradation of methanol. Journal of Fermentation and Bioengineering 75, 368-374. 
Updated: 18.10.2023 16:37, Author: Lucie Pokorná


  • Basics of Environmental Protection (Bc.)
  • Design of Biological WWTP (M.Sc.)
  • Water in Pharmacy (M.Sc.)
  • Sludge Management (M.Sc.)
  • Wastewater Treatment (Erasmus Mundus)

UCT Prague
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