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Position 3:

Researcher (V4)


Early detection of sources of viral epidemics using analysis of environmental samples

Project description: 

Recently, the concept of so-called (waste)water-based epidemiology (WBE) has been increasingly applied in human and veterinary medicine, where analyses of wastewater or other relevant materials (sediments, droppings, surface water) and the obtained data are correlated with the course of various epidemics and pandemics. 
The project aims to find a way to warn poultry breeders before the outbreak of a new epidemics and thus prevent the need for preventive liquidation of entire farms, which in recent years in the Czech Republic meant the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of poultry per year. The specific goals of the project are (1) designing a methodology for sample collection and analysis incl. designing appropriate follow-up measures in farms when positive samples occur, (2) identifying mechanisms of primary infection with a focus on the role of wild birds, and (3) understanding the dynamics of secondary spread of infection in poultry farms.
The researcher will be involved in intensive sampling in poultry farms and the wild, sample analysis, and above all in data analysis and interpretation. 
The researcher will be directly supervised by professors from the Department of Water Technology and the Department of Biochemistry and Microbiology UCT Prague, the experts involved in the latest Czech efforts into wastewater-based epidemiology. The researcher will heavily benefit from the collaboration with major Czech poultry breeding companies and the avian flu experts from the State Veterinary Institute.

Project ID: 


NAZV – Program Země

Project duration: 

5 years

Financial conditions:

The contract funded by the project covers a monthly gross salary of 32,800 CZK. The project lasts until the end of December 2028. 
In case of enrolling into the PhD program, the student of doctoral programs taught in Czech will receive an additional stipend of at least 14 100 CZK, which may further increase based on the scientific outcomes. The stipend will be paid for 48 months.


  • MSc degree in Chemical/Environmental Engineering, Microbiology or Bioinformatics. Candidates who will, with high probability, achieve the degree latest in June 2024, may also apply.
  • Demonstrable background and strong interest in biological processes and biotechnologies
  • Independent, self-motivated, curiosity-driven mind, open to communicate and collaborate with peers and partners
  • A scientific attitude and analytical skills combined with a hands-on mentality
  • Laboratory experience is proven by lab courses, internships, or other previous work.
  • Excellent spoken and written English

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