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Prof. Kateřina Demnerová

E-mail: Katerina.Demnerova@vscht.cz
Phone.: 3025
Room: Y01a


Prof. Katerina Demnerová is the head of the Laboratory of Food Microbiology in DBM at UCT Prague and the head of Accredited Laboratory  of Microbiology and GMO no. 1316.3 (ISO 17025) in DBM. In 1997 she became professor in Microbiology. She was the Head of DBM at UCT Prague in 2006-2013. Her research activities are focused on environmental and food microbiology and GMO. In these fields she published 226 articles (ISI Web) with citation index 2248 (2003) and the Hirsch index 25 (13.11.2018). She is a member of the international editorial board of journals International Microbiology (ISSN 11396709) and International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation (ISSN 0964-8305). In 10 past years she worked with her team on more than 25 national or international projects, when for some of them she was the leader. She presented more than 250 lectures or posters at international or national conferences. She is an active member of experts group Section of Environmental Biotechnology EFB, European Network of Genetically Modified Microorganisms Laboratories (ENGL, Ispra, Italy), the chair-woman of Technical committee for microbiology in Czech Accreditation Institute, the chairwoman of the organizing committee of the international conference „Biodegradation and Biodeterioration“ and the chairwoman of Section for food microbiology in Czechoslovak Society for Microbiology. She supervises Bc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. theses. She is Senior Lecturer for classes of General Microbiology, Food microbiology, Pharmaceutical microbiology, Food safety, Environmental engineering and others in BSc., MSc. and Ph.D. programme in Czech and English language. In 2011 she obtained Milada Paulová Prize for whole-life scientific research and in 2012 Votočka´s medal awarded by UCT Prague.

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