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Sludge and solids analyses


Gas chromatograph GC 8000 TOP with TCD detector

Contact: Dr. Jana Bartáčková

b jana.bartackova@vscht.cz  e 220 44 4374


  • Fill column for the determination of elemental gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen), carbon dioxide and methane


Gas chromatograph GC SHIMADZU 2014 with FID detector

Contact: Dr. Jana Bartáčková

b jana.bartackova@vscht.cz  e 220 44 4374


  • Analysis of low fatty acids of C2-C6 organic matter

Rheometer RC 20

Contact: Dr. Aleš Pícha

b ales.picha@vscht.cz  e 220 44 3157


  • The device allows the measurement of viscosity of Newtonian fluids, the recording of flow curves as well as the determination of non-Newtonian fluids in the stationary shear flow.
  • It is possible to use a coaxial cylinder measuring system or a plate/plate system.

Christ Alpha 1-4 with driving module LDC-1M

Contact: Assoc. Prof. Vladimír Sýkora

b vladimir.sykora@vscht.cz  e 220 44 3229


  • Lyophilization device
  • Drying of substances by freezing

LTX 2000 - LABTECH s.r.o., Czech Rep.

Contact: Dr. Jan Bindzar

b jan.bindzar@vscht.cz  e 220 44 5125


  • Group determination of organic halogenated substances
  • Determination of adsorbable organically bound halogens (AOX) in both solid and liquid samples
  • Determination of extractable organically bound halogens (EOX) in solid samples
  • Determination of adsorbable organic bound iodine (AOI) in both solid and liquid samples
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