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Combination of advanced oxidation processes (AOP) and membrane separation for industrial wastewater treatment


The Technology Agency of the Czech Republic







  • Jan Bindzar, PhD


  • ENVI-PUR, s.r.o.

Project goal:

The project aims to assess various advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for the treatment of difficult to treat industrial wastewater. Subsequently, the wastewater will be purified by means of a membrane biological reactor (MBR), which guarantees a high outflow quality. To carry out laboratory and operational tests, a pilot plant model with AOP and subsequent MBR will be installed (fitted) at the selected location. Several AOPs based on the use of UV radiation, ozone and hydrogen peroxide will be evaluated in the project. The long-term operation of the plant will evaluate the efficiency of AOPs, the efficiency of the biological process, the development of permeate quality, the economic and energy balance, and the utilization of purified waste water for recycling.

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