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Precious metals or oil no longer pay for the most valuable commodity, but data (information) and water. The ability to obtain and process relevant data on water infrastructure is therefore essential for the sustainable development of society. The project is based on the principle of digitization of water management infrastructure (Smart Metering). Industry 4.0, ie the now culminating fourth industrial revolution, requires a modern approach to the management of water management infrastructure of cities and municipalities. The use of artificial intelligence to obtain predictive data on water quality in practice is a completely new concept, but based on already functioning digital tools (cloud platform with high computing power, machine learning method with Big Data).

The project responds to the need for water management data, defined in the methodology of the Ministry of Regional Development - Smart Cities Concept (2015) as a basic knowledge pillar for data-driven urban development, adaptation measures to climate change, and protection of natural resources.
The current state of knowledge in the operational practice of sewerage and treatment is based on dynamic models of sewer networks (water quantity - hydrological and hydraulic models) or on correlation relationships between directly and indirectly measured physicochemical indicators (water quality). However, existing applications do not make it possible to predict the future state of wastewater quality (and quantity). The WST project builds on the use of the latest knowledge from IT, ie in-depth data analysis and neural network creation, and at the same time applies technical knowledge of sewerage and WWTP operation.
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WaterScan Toolbox

Grant ID
May 1, 2020
April 30, 2023
TACR, Environment for Life
Overall budget
CZK 19,928,841
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