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Achieving wider uptake of water-smart solutions

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Wider uptake


European Commission


The project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 869283




  • Prof. Ing. Jiří Wanner, DrSc.
  • Ing. Iveta Růžičková, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Martin Pečenka, Ph.D.
  • Ing. Adéla Puškáčová (Ph.D. student)
  • Solomon Ofori, MSc. (Ph.D. student)
  • Ing. Daniel Pliska (Ph.D. student)
  • Ing. Dominik Matýsek (Ph.D. student)


  • Czech Technical University
  • PVS

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Project Objective

The overall objective is to facilitate industrial symbiosis by co-development of a roadmap towards wider uptake of water-smart solutions for wastewater reuse and resource recovery.

Specific objectives

To demonstrate innovative technical solutions that optimize water reuse and resource recovery in selected industry settings by:

  1. Demonstrating safe use of treated effluent for irrigation purposes in grey-green solutions for urban development with reasonable water transportation expenses.
  2. Developing and applying monitoring and control schemes to adequately manage the health and quality risks associated with reuse of treated wastewater and recovered resources.
  3. Optimization of the value chains to quantify the improved resource efficiency and economic benefits, also with respect to future applications.


WIDER UPTAKE will demonstrate innovative solutions for wastewater reuse and resource recovery where market utilization of the recovered resource(s) (water, nutrients, materials, energy) is achieved through a symbiosis between the utility and industry. WIDER UPTAKE will apply a case study approach that will provide applied knowledge on the operationalization of the solutions in a range of socio-economic, environmental and climatic conditions. The case study approach will cover different situations with regards to the availability of water resources and what type of resources e.g. nutrients, biosolids, energy that are in focus for recovery. The scale and maturity in the development of the water-smart symbiotic solutions will also differ between the case studies allowing for the sharing of knowledge and identifying best practices at different stages of implementation.

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