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Ladderosome 3


Czech Science Foundation


Unique ladderane phospholipids of anammox bacteria: potential valuable resource from sewage


01/2020 - 12/2022


Hlavní cíle:

  • Isolation of ladderane phospholipids from wastewater treatment plants waste biomass
  • Characterization of ladderanes and their membranes
  • Research of ladderanes potential applications


Anammox bacteria are standardly applied in the wastewater treatment process for the removal of nitrogen. Their waste biomass and other sludge compose a great amount of waste from the treatment plants and its further utilization or recycling is often problematic. However, unlike other bacteria, anammox contain unique lipids in their membranes, the ladderanes, which characteristics are still not sufficiently explored. Therefore, this project is devoted to the cultivation of anammox bacteria, the isolation and characterization of ladderanes, and research on their possible applications in the chemical or pharmaceutical industry. The ultimate goal is to recover the waste anammox biomass and turn it into a high-value product, a source of ladderane phospholipids.

For students: join our scientific project, write to koubav@vscht.cz

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