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Ph.D. theses

Paclík Ladislav

Intensification of biogas production during fermentation of organic materials with high nitrogen concentration

Wanner Filip

The removal of selected PPCP on WWTP

Máca Josef

Use of sulphur and nitrogen cycle bacteria for alternative methods of wastewater treatment

Gómez Marcel

Possibilities of the membrane bioreactor operation optimization

Sýkorová Eva 

Phosphorus removal from wastewater and its recovery in the form of struvite

Sisrová Irena 

Plazmochemical processes for organic pollution removal

Vejmelková Dana   

The application of molecular biological techniques on studies of physiological groups of bacteria in activated sludge

Stryjová Hana   

Identification and quantification of technologically important bacteria in activated sludge samples

Doležalová Eva   

Effects of electrical discharges on microbial inactivation in water

Poláková Eva   

Technological parameters affecting removal of manganese from waters

 Kaňková Hana  Biodegradability of cationic surfactants
Černá Lucie

Influence of water sources quality onto biological stability

Procházka Jindřích

Biogas production intensification

Procházková Lenka

Characterization and use of encapsulated biomass for nitrogen removal

Crispin Astolfo Celis Zambrano

Improvement of anaerobic digestion by using of microaerobic conditions

Dong Nguyen Thanh

Using non-conventional adsorbents for removal of arsenate, copper,  and nickel from water

Koubová Jana

Testing of the anaerobic biodegradability of organic compounds

Vašatová Petra

Particle aggregation and properties of formed aggregates in water treatment

Wildová Pavla

Use of phthalocyanines for growth inhibition of algae

Nekovářová Jana

The inhibition of microorganisms through the use of phthalocyanine compounds in cooling water

Podholová Eva

Molecular biological and biological methods in water technology

Michal Pavel

Evaluation of water biological stability in distribution system including water storage tanks

Dvořák Lukáš

The study of biological processes in wastewater treatment using MBR

Srb Martin

Monitoring and optimisation of activated sludge proces with nitrification and denitrification

Pokorná Eva 

Utilization of natural zeolite in waste water technology

Thao Phuong 

Presence of Fluoride in Water and Questions about Its Determination

Charvátová Lenka 

Study of biocoenosis qualities and structure in nitrogen removal systems with external carbon dosing

 Vondrysová Jana

Production of organic substrate from wastewater sludges and its utilization at biological nutrient removal

Hujová Martina 

Water biological stability evaluation

Benáková Andrea 

Application of fluorescence in situ hybridization for study of nitrifying population for wastewater treatment

Pečenka Martin 

Exploitation of mathematical modeling for optimization of WWTP´s operation with nutrient removal

Král Pavel 

Nitrogen compounds inhibition in biological wastewater treatment

Rosenberg Tomáš 

Anaerobic digestion of sludges and organic solids

Yerezhepova Dinara

Study of kinetic parameters of microorganisms deactivation on photocatalytic nanosurfaces (TiO2)

Kujalová Hana

Biodegradability of polyethylene glycol derivatives

Bartáčková Jana

Reduction of chlorinated organic compounds by zero-valent iron

Sloninová Bohdana

AOX removal from industrial wastewaters

Sochorová Helena

Optimalization of operation on water treatment plant in Nýrsko

Boušková Alžběta

Comparison of organic substrates and pre-treatment methods with respect to quality of anaerobic digestion products

Vodička Oldřich

Interactions of S-compound transformation and anaerobic degradation of organic compounds

Vykouk Tomáš

Interaction of impulsed discharges and electric fields with organisms in water

Jiříček Marek

Reduction Of Chlorinated Ethenes In Subsurface Reactive Barriers With Zero-Valent Iron

Armič-Sponza Robert 

Application of antifoam agents in wastewater treatment

Bartáček Jan 

Technological Aspects of Anaerobic Digestion Steps

Mátlová Lenka 

Biodegradability of ethoxylated derivatives based on rapeseed oil

Pícha Aleš 

Study of technological process modifications of the sludge treatment leading to the product improvement

Hladíková Klára 

Study of mechanism of biological foam formation and control at activated sludge wastewater treatment plants

Štěpová Jana 

Minimization of biomass production in biological wastewater treatment processes

Beneš Ondřej

Utilisation of modelling in activated sludge wastewater treatment

Lánský Milan

Study of activated sludge separation problems focused on biological foams formation and their suppression

Soukup Bohdan 

Study of microbiological aspects of foam formation on aeration basins at wastewater treatment plants

Schejbal Petr 

The pH value influence on biodegradability of organic substances

Jandová Jana

Determination of nonionic surfactants in water

Holba Marek

Applications of the results of the laboratory kinetic batch experiments and mathematical modelling to improve the operation of WWTP with nutrient removal

Lederer Tomáš

Biodegradability of substituted aliphatic amines

Fiala Martin

Inhibition of biological nutrients removal processes in activated sludge systems with regeneration

Růžičková Iveta

Study of the filamentous microorganisms causing activated sludge bulking and biological foams formation

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